How to plan the Ultimate Pool Party !!

by Trudys Event Planning

In just a few months are world has drastically changed due to coronavirus pandemic. We have shifted from the hussle and bustle of going to work, church, school, sporting events, running errands, and conducting business to a complete slow down, halt for some, as we are now quarantined and isolated while staying at home. This has led to unemployment, cancellation of vacations, graduations, school functions, weddings, and other special events.

All is not lost!! In amidst of all this turmoil people are becoming creative and finding new ways to celebrate special occasions; from zoom parties to drive thru baby showers.

My family is no exception to the people who are getting creative. I had to find a way to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. I wanted him remember that his life was worth celebrating even in all this chaos. So we decided to throw him a surprise Quarantine Pool Party!!


Yep!! You read it right …. a surprise Quarantine Pool Party and I didn’t skimp on the details. Matter of fact, I pulled out all the bells and whistles…. the only exception this time was of course… the guest list. Here is how we pulled off the best Quarantine Pool Party.


1. Decorations– Visuals Matter and they are so important to create that fun and festive feeling. I hung a banner outside the home and one inside. All throughout the day we had neighbors passing by wishing him a Happy Birthday which put a huge smile on his face. I also made two balloon garlands; one outside in the back over the activity table and one inside over the food table.


2. Games– Well its a pool party so of course he enjoyed the pool. However, I wanted to keep it exciting and have structured activities and games. So we had water activities such as balloon fights and candy egg hunts. I created an activity table where I displayed the games in cute labeled buckets. The games ranged from water balloons, water spray canons, mittens, balls, and even bubbles.


3. Food– With all this excitement of course we have to eat!! While the kids played we grilled hamburgers and hotdogs which we paired with chips and punch. Keep it Simple and Delicious! And of course, you can’t have a birthday party without CAKE!!!


4. Presents– Whatever you do…Just don’t forget the presents…lol! My rule of thumb is quality is better than quantity. Make it something thoughtful and meaningful.

5. Have Fun– Yes I am talking to you .. the planner!! You worked hard putting this together for your loved one and you should have fun during the party. So laugh, eat, and create memories with your loved one. Plan ahead so you can be present during the festivities.


Get more inspiration for your pool party by checking out our pictures below.



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